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What does Generic medicine mean?
-Generic medicine consists of the same composition as the Branded medicine. It only is cheaper as compared to branded medicine due to its avoidance of advertisements, which directly benefits the users.
Are these generic medicines effective?
-Generic medicines possess the same composition as Branded medicines and are safe and effective in consumption.
Do you require prescription?
-No you can purchase medicine from our website without prescription also.

What does ‘My Account’ mean?
-My Account means a secure way to view your orders and update it regularly. It gives you complete control over your transactions on GetMedShop. You just need to register into “My Account” and create an account with our store to process faster, store multiple shipping addresses and track your orders.
How do I update my information?
-You can update your GetMedShop account anytime just by logging into “My Account”.
Can I protect my Account from outsiders?
-Yes of course. You are already in a secure zone where your information is kept confidential. There is no third party involved.

What’s the procedure to place an order?
-You just need to get registered in our website GetMedShop and then you can have the access to shop whatever you want. You can be a guest visitor also. For registered user you need follow the mentioned procedures:-
• Register your account.
• Fill your billing address and mode of payment.
• You are ready to place order.
How long will it take to place an order?
-It takes only a few seconds to place an order.
How am I informed once the order is confirmed?
-Once the payment is made you will receive an email containing the details of your order when the seller receives it and confirms the same. You will be provided with a unique Order ID, list of items you ordered and the expected dispatch or delivery time.
Can I order a product when it shows, “Out of Stock”?
-Unfortunately you can’t but you can use “Notify me” feature to get updated about the product.
How to check the current status of my order?
-You can check the current status of your status just by logging into “My Account “section. After logging in, click on “My Orders” link to view your current status. To view a specific order, click on “Order Number” link.
How long would it take to reach me once the deal is confirmed?
-It depends upon your country. Generally it takes 8-10 days for U.S. and UK customers while it takes 10-12 days for rest of the world.
How can I track my order?
-You will receive an e-mail as soon as we ship your order with a link to track it. You can also access this information from your Account section on our website

How is your payment method secure?
-The mode of payment is E Check and your payment is kept totally confidential. E Check is processed by Charge one, which is a United States registered company. Charge one company calls the customer and asks for their approval of payment. Until and unless the customer approves, the payment cannot be received.
How can I trust the authenticity of your company?
-We are a registered company and our authenticity can be found from Google. We have a good reputation in providing online service to our clients.
Can I find neat stuff online?
-Yes of course. Just usher into a new era and feel the difference.
How to pay for a purchase?
-We have only online payment mode via E Check.
Do I save money shopping online?
-Yes of course. You can feel the difference yourself.
Do you have any hidden terms and conditions?
-No we do not have any hidden terms and condition. Everything is visible on our website.
How can I avail Cash on Delivery?
-Sorry we don’t have this facility.
Do I get reward point while shopping online?
-If you are regular customer and pay via E check then you will get 10% discount on collective shopping.
How to add items on my cart?
-After getting registered you can add items on your cart.
How to remove items from my cart?
-You just need to log into our website and then you can remove any item from your cart.
What should I do if my payment fails?
-You don’t need to panic. If your payment fails you will receive the exact amount within 24 hours. Our customer care executive will call you and provide you the necessary information.
Do you have EMI system?
How do you deliver orders?
-We have an efficient team working on shipment of products.
Do you have international shipping consignments?
-Yes we do have international shipping consignment.
What are your shipping charges?
-We charge 25 US Dollar as shipping charge.
What happens if the customer is not available at the time of delivery?
-In this case we drop your parcel in your mail box. If the parcel is larger than the size of your mailbox then you can get notification of the parcel from the local agency of the delivery company.
What happens in case of damaged parcel?
-If the parcel received is damage, we take the responsibility to provide you with a fresh parcel.
Where do you ship these medicines from?
-We provide you medicine from reputed pharmaceuticals such as Ajanta, Cipla, Dr Reddy’s and Sun Pharma. Our drugs are approved and we have our own packing and shipping part.
Do I need to face any issue related to customs while purchasing medicines from your online store?
-Our customers must be assured that there will be no issue related to customs while purchasing medicines from our pharmacy store. You can only face problems if the purchased drug is prohibited in your state or country. In this situation they will fetch a notice for you to claim your parcel, if you are interested but do not respond, the parcel will be seized by Custom.

Do you have a return policy?
-Yes we do have a return policy but only in case of genuine claim.
How can I cancel my order?
-You can cancel an order by logging into “My Account” and make the necessary call.
Do you have pick-ups for return items?
-Yes we do have pick-ups for return items. The call should be genuine.

How can I make use of my promo coupon?
-You can make use of the promo coupon directly by shopping in our website.


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