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Brief about Ultram 100 mg Tablets

Ultram 100 mg Tablet is an opioid medication prescribed for the management of moderate to severe pain treatment. Generic Tramadol hydrochloride is a strong working ingredient of Ultram 100 mg, which falls under the opioid analgesic category of drug. Ultram 100 mg is around the clock medication for those who need long-term treatment for the pain. The tablets include 100 mg of Tramadol HCL as in an extended release formulation.

How Ultram 100 mg does Tablets work into the body?

As it contains Generic Tramadol hydrochloride in them which is an opioid analgesic, which works by changing the way your brain responds to pains and it shows its working by two different mechanisms of action. In the first mechanism, it binds to the parent and M1 metabolites of µ-opioid receptors. Secondly, it inhibits certain neurotransmitters chemical like serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors.

How to consume Ultram 100 mg Tablets?

Ultram 100 mg is the best prescribed to the patient by a doctor for the treatment of severe pain. Patient has to consume the one dose of 100 mg medicament via oral route with plenty amount of water, one time in a day. After five days dose should be increased up to 100 mg, depending upon patient medical condition. The maximum dose of Ultram 100 mg should not be exceeded beyond 300 mg. Patient can ingest this drug with or without food. The medication should be swallowed properly not to be chewed by teeth or crushed. If you are advised to take a quick-acting tablet, then you have to consume dose after every 4 to 6 hours. If your doctor prescribed, you modified release tablet then you either have to take a dose twice or one time in a day.

Conflicting factors of Ultram 100 mg Tablets

  • The patient should not have to ingest Ultram for pain if they are allergic to tramadol present in them.
  • Use of Ultram is contrary under medical conditions of liver and kidney disease.
  • If you are pregnant and planning to be pregnant then consult with your doctor first.
  • Tramadol mixed with the milk and harm your baby, so do not take Ultram if you are breastfeeding woman.
  • The patient does not have to use the tramadol in case they have a history of high blood pressure disorder.

Side effects of Ultram Tablets 100 mg

Nausea, vomiting, Insomnia, anxiety, abdominal or stomach pain, Itching of skin, dry mouth, skin rashes, stuffing nose, unusual feeling of excitement, myocardial infection, and loss of appetite are some major side effects which patient may bear along with medication.

A precautionary measure that needs to be taken while using Ultram Tablets 100mg

Quit ingestion of alcohol and cigarette smoking. Do not rely on treatment with Ultram for a longer time; otherwise, it may cause drug addiction. Never use Ultram in long amount or more than that prescribed, it might cause stop or slow down your breathing. Store the medication at room temperature, away from the reach of sunlight and direct heat.

Additional Information

SKU Ultram 100mg Tablets - Generic Tramadol 100mg
US Brand Name No
Strength 100 mg
Generic Name Tramadol
Manufacturer Cipla
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s
Shipped From India

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