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Buy Ovral G Birth Control Pill (Norgestrel 0.5 + Ethinyl Estradiol0.05mg)  

Norgestrel Ethinyl Estradiol

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Introduction to Ovral G Birth Control pills

Ovral G is also known as contraceptive pill, which is a medicine that comes as a miraculous remedy in the market to safeguard the women from getting pregnant if they are not ready for it or the same happens by accidently or unintentionally. Taking pill is a simple medical technique of contraception that is non-invasive and cheap to use. The Ovral G, when taken correctly as prescribed in the pack, can prevent pregnancy up to 99.99%. However, it does not protect the person from any type of sexually transmitted disease.

Mode of action of Ovral G Birth Control pills

Ovral G Birth Control pill is widely renowned as an Oral Contraceptives Pills. The pill is the combination of two different hormones named as progestin and estrogen. The two hormones are female hormones and functions by protecting the female from becoming pregnant.

The two female hormones works on the pituitary gland and slows down the release of both Luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).Thus eventually results in reticence of growth and discharge of an egg from the ovary. The medicine also functions by escalating the viscosity of mucus within the cervix region further making it tricky for the sperm to assemble with an egg. It also transforms the uterine lining prevent the fertilized egg from getting implant within the uterus.

Know how to take/administer Ovral G Birth Control pills?

From the pack of Ovral-G 28 pills, the patient should consume 21 active (hormonal pills) pills daily at the same time for 21 successive days. Then for next 7 days patient should take an only non-hormonal pill and then resume the therapy again from the 29th day of the month of the same brand. You can start the first pill from the first day of menstruation or from the first Sunday that comes after the menstruation.

In case you forgot to take the pill, and then take the same on the next day but this time swallow two pills as a single dose. If the patient somehow misses a dose for two days then she has to take two pills as a single dose for next two consecutive days.

Contraindications with Ovral G Birth Control pills

  • Ovral G should not take if occurs hives or other allergic reactions to any of the constituent of Ovral G.
  • In the case of abnormal vaginal bleeding, diabetes, high blood pressure, blood clot or any heart-related condition Ovral G must be prohibited.

Precautions with Ovral G Birth Control pills

  • Evade the use of Ovral-G medicine; if you are suffering from breast or endometrial tumor else have to face intense vaginal bleeding.
  • This medicine is not a treatment for sexually transmitted disease, like HIV because it does not cure the same.
  • Smoking or other nicotine addiction habits may aggravate the heart disease.

Side effects associated with Ovral G Birth Control pills

While consuming Ovral-G birth control pills, you may suffer various adverse effects like Dizziness, acne, headache, stomach upset, vomiting, nausea, breast tenderness, change in weight, hair loss and unusual spotting.

Storage of Ovral G Birth Control pills

Store birth conrol tablets under controlled room temperature way from heat and direct sunlight.

Additional Information

SKU Ovral G Pill (Norgestrel 0.5 + Ethinyl Estradiol0.05mg)
US Brand Name Ogestrel 0.5 + 0.05 mg
Strength 0.5 + 0.05 mg
Generic Name Norgestrel Ethinyl Estradiol
Manufacturer Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s
Shipped From India

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