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Mifepristone Pill

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Brief description on Mifeprex abortion pills

Mifeprex abortion pills are used to complete an abortion during the early stage of pregnancy i.e. before 7 weeks (49days). Generic Mifepristone is a main active constituent found in Mifeprex and it categorized under the category of Anti-progesterone. A female can effortlessly complete an abortion at home without taking help of anyone and without going hospital.

Mechanism of action of Mifeprex abortion pills

Generic Mifepristone blocks the activity of natural occurring progesterone, which plays a noteworthy role in the continuance of pregnancy in females. Progesterone helps in the supply of oxygen and nutrition to the fetus for the growth and development.

How to take Mifeprex abortion pills?

Eliminate your intra-uterine devices (IUD’s) or check the duration and location of pregnancy by sonography.

  • Firstly, take 3 Mifepristone tablets (200mg each) by oral route with ample water.
  • After 2 to 3 days, go to the neighboring hospital for the validation of complete abortion.
  • In case of partial end of pregnancy, take 2 Misoprostol tablets (200 mcg) by mouth with glassful water.

When you should avoid use of Mifeprex abortion pills?

Mifeprex is not to be taken in case of hypersensitivity towards generic Mifepristone, ectopic pregnancy (fetus outside the womb), chronic adrenal failure, uterine problem, endometrial problem, and ovarian cysts.

  • Girls below the age of 18 years should avoid the use of Mifeprex.
  • If you are on Anti-coagulant therapy then avoid the use of Mifeprex. 

What are the drugs that may interact with Mifeprex abortion pills?

  • Dexamethasone and Prednisone
  • Warfarin, and Heparin

Adverse effects of Mifeprex abortion pills

After complete end of unwanted pregnancy, a female may see certain adverse symptoms like severe headache, muscle pain, fever, abdominal pain, pelvic pain, inflammation of the vagina, frustration, white discharge from the vagina, and cramps.

Important safety instructions while using Mifeprex abortion pills

  • For the speedy recovery of health or blood loss, you have to eat healthy, nutritive, and balanced diet.
  • Intercourse after abortion may increase the risk of getting pregnant so, avoid intercourse.
  • Take a single pill of Ibuprofen for managing pain and fever.
  • Don’t interleave any device or gadgets into your vagina as it may induce vaginal infection.
  • Avoid uplifting of heavy objects and heavy physical exercise as it may cause pelvic pain due to heavy pressure on the pelvic area.

Additional Information

SKU Mifeprex Pill - Mifepristone Pill
US Brand Name Mifeprex Pill (Abortion Pill)
Strength 200mg
Generic Name Mifepristone Pill
Manufacturer Cipla
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s
Shipped From India

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