Whether 18 or 80 you can face muscle pain at any age. It seems more painful when your close one if facing muscle pain and you are seeing them, helpless.

Joseph tells us that whenever her mother comes at home after office, she starts crying because of her pain in the back. She even avoids doing household work and becomes restless in the night. He knows that how she avoids him to know about her pain. He tried many times that his mother goes to the hospital for proper treatment but after doing a number of attempts she does not have time to go as she is a working lady. Joseph knows that he cannot understand what her mother bearing due to muscle pain.

Joseph mother always tells him, that this pain will go with time but each passing day it is going to worst. After researching over the internet, he found that it is "muscle pain", this generally happens due to sitting for a long time in office. Joseph knows that it is important that her mother works in the office as this is only a single earning source for them. It is also not possible for her mother to take long days leaves as her office does not allow her to do so.

Finally, Joseph finds a solution of Pain-O Soma for her mother backache. He has to know that his mother did not need to go to a doctor for initiating its treatment.

Pain o soma Tablets

Lets us read how Pain-O Soma has helped Joseph's mother in treating back pain.

Pain-O Soma 350mg medicine is given to a person who is facing muscle pain or discomfort. Muscle pain generally happens due to injury or infections of soft tissues of muscles and is known as "myalgia" in medical terms.  After reaching in the body, it treats the discomfort originated due to strain or sprain of muscles associated with an injury. If you want to get effective results, do some physical therapies as your doctor advise you.

Generic Carisoprodol is the main component present in the branded medicine Pain-O Soma. It is categorize into a skeletal muscle relaxant. When this drug reaches in the body, it depresses central nervous system. It blocks the transmission doing by nerves from the reticular formation to the spinal cord and produces a sedative effect. Due to seductiveness produces in the body, a person does not experience pain. In this way, it is able to treat muscle pain of any intensity.

Pain-O Soma comes in two dosing strengths such as 350mg and 500mg, as it is advice by judging the intensity of pain.

  • If the intensity of Pain is low or using for the first time, the advised dose of Pain-O Soma is 350mg, thrice daily through the mouth with enough water.
  • If the intensity of Pain is high or if you did not find Pain-O Soma 350 mg effective, then increase the dose to 500 mg, twice on daily basis.
  • Whole day dose cannot exceed more than 1400mg and duration of therapy could not go beyond more than 2 to 3 weeks

Noticed side effects of Pain-O Soma includes and lack of coordination, feeling irritable, lethargy, diarrhea, gastric upset, weakness, tremor, dizziness, paralysis, blurred vision, tiredness, fainting, nausea, inexact vision, chest tenderness, agitation, and puzzled mental state.

Hear what the experts say:

  • Pain-O Soma is not safe to use for a longer time as it may make its user drug addicted.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol while being on therapy with Pain-O Soma may cause unwanted side effects.
  • You cannot drive if you have taken Pain-O Soma medicine as it may make you sleepy.
  • Pain-O Soma may produce unwanted side effects if taken in case of hypersensitivity to any of its constituent.

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