Human nature seeks perfection and satisfaction in everything, whether it is his professional life, personal or love life, but certain conditions like erectile dysfunction keep a man devoid of physical pleasures in his life, which ultimately ruin the equity in a man's life. Erectile dysfunction is the rising concern of middle-aged men all over the world.

In erectile dysfunction, men suffer from repeated problems in getting and sustaining an erection constantly. Sensual intercourse becomes between the couple becomes hard due to erection troubles. There are many reasons that are responsible for erectile dysfunction like, high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders, high cholesterol, obesity, and atherosclerosis. Alcohol consumption, smoking, certain heavy medications, or enlarged prostate also leads to impotence. Healthy functioning and stability of mind also play important role in maintaining a rigid erection during mating. Anxiety, stress, and depression divert men from holding hard erections and ultimately they lose control over their genital organ. Nerve damage and injury in the male are also responsible for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The problem of impotence causes dissatisfaction during lovemaking, low self-esteem and relationship issues between the couple. Fortunately, the solution for erectile dysfunction lies in a wonder medicine called Cenforce.

Cenforce 100mg is a popular medicine for treating erectile dysfunction used worldwide by men. Cenforce plays an important role in getting and holding an erection during the sensual intercourse. Cenforce contains Sildenafil citrate as the main active constituent. Sildenafil is a potent PDE5 (Phosphodiesterase enzyme-5) inhibitor. It blocks the breakdown of cGMP by blocking the action of the PDE5 enzyme. During sensual stimulation, the release of NO occurs that leads to the creation of cGMP. An extra cGMP mounts up in the male genital region, causing relaxation and widening of blood vessels present in the groin. This augments the inflow of blood to the male genital organ resulting in a sturdy erection for a longer time.

Cenforce 200 mg Tablets

Dosing regimen: the commercially available doses of Cenforce are 50, 100, 150 and 200-mg. take 1 tablet of Cenforce orally, 60 minutes prior to the sensual intercourse with an ample amount of water. Do not take more than one dose of the effects of Cenforce lasts up to 4-6 hours. Taking more than prescribed dose is not advised. Maintain a gap of 24 hours between two doses.

Side effects: commonly observed side effects with the use of Cenforce are dizziness, drowsiness, light-headedness, nausea and mild headache.

Precautions to be taken during the use of Cenforce are not taking alcoholic beverages along with Cenforce as it causes dizziness. Driving or performing tasks, which require alertness should not be done. Consumption of grapefruit juice, fatty meals and nitrate medications along with Cenforce is not recommended.

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