Erection problem treatment help!

It is weird when one loses an erection or is unable to get a stronger one on time. Difficulties in terms of sensual well-being can happen to anyone. You need to have good sensual health in your life. Potency and impotency are contradictory words. Your ability to show your manhood to your partner will impress her. Your disability of keeping up an erection is a disappointing factor.
To go deep in how can be a failed erection be treated first know how erection appears. Our brain produces some hormones that transfer signals to penile part for circulating rapid blood flow to genitals thus keeping it stronger enough. It is an unpleasant disorder. To enable your erection you must start with SUHAGRA. This medicine is helpful in pumping your erection for longer hours so that you can be satisfied enough.

Remember sensual heath is in your hands. Suhagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Do not live with a failed erection. Keep your life energetic and enthusiastic. Never let staleness come in your physical love. Challenge ED with this pill containing Sildenafil. Soon you use it, your problem will disappear.

SUHAGRA is the brand known for eliminating erectile dysfunction problem in men. This medicine is composed of active as Sildenafil. This drug belongs to the class of Phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor. We should be aware that PDE5 enzyme is responsible for the degeneration of cGMP present inside the penile region. This brand of medicine is supposed to stop the functionality of PDE5 and hence raises cGMP inside the penile region. This triggers vasodilation process that fastens blood flow across the blood vessels thereby leading to an erection.

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Dosing strengths that are available are as 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. To enjoy better intimacy session with your partner, you should have this pill with you. Use this pill before 50-60 minutes prior to your planned physical session. The activity onset within 30 minutes and the activity lengthens for about 4-5 hour time period. There is a need to use the second dose only after 24 hours of the first dosage. Intake it with water through an oral route.


  • When you are supposed to have high allergic reactions
  • When you are supposed to take Nitrate forms
  • When you have an age group of below 18 years

One should follow-up some safety measures like:

  • Shun grapefruit juice as this interferes with the drug activity.
  • Shun alcohol as it also brings ill effects.
  • After physical relationships, dizziness can happen so stop driving or machine operation.
  • Keep your fatty meals usage lessen as this affects the drug activity.

Sick Effects to be careful about:

  • Dizziness, Drowsiness
  • Back Pain, Muscle Pain
  • Shortness of Breath, Flushing
  • Painful erection, Vision ailment

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