Whether we want to become parents or not depends on us. About 50% conception is in our hands and rest is in God's hand. We know that a newborn is a god’s gift and we should not think anything evil about it. Depending upon the circumstances, we decide the fate of our young ones. If you feel pressurized to handle the responsibilities then think before you bear a child. If you feel that you cannot handle an economical pressure arising after bearing a child then never bear your child.

Whenever you conceive and do not want to have the child then have a check-up to know the time of fetus. If it is below 9 weeks then one can undergo an abortion safely and easily with the assistance of MTP Kit. This Kit is worthy for terminating your pregnancy that is unwished and unrequired. People do want to fulfill their family but at the appropriate time. When surrounding conditions are feasible enough then decide for having a child. However do not worry if you have gone pregnancy unwantedly, MTP Kit is there to help.

A Kit that is highly preferred for inducing an abortion is MTP Kit (Mifepristone and Misoprostol Pills) that easily evacuates your gestation that is unneeded and unwished. This Kit is comprised of Mifepristone and Misoprostol that functions in step-wise in deterring your pregnancy.

Our body releases progesterone hormone that works in transferring the nutrition towards the fetus for enriching its growth and development. This functions in maintaining your pregnancy inside. The MTP KIT has active as Mifepristone that ceases the nutrition supply to fetus bringing an end to your pregnancy. Misoprostol causes the dilation and contraction of uterus finally causing completion of an abortion. This kit is worth for ending an unwanted pregnancy.

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If you have decided for an abortion then do follow below dosage:

Have single Mifepristone pill each having 200-mg strength through an oral route with water. There should be a gap of two days and then on the third day have four Misoprostol pills each having 200-mcg strength through an oral route with water or vaginally. There should be a gap of 14 days and then on 14th day do have physical verification with an ultrasound test.

Contradictory factors:

  • Never use this drug when you feel highly allergic.
  • Never use this drug when your age is below 18 years.
  • Never use this drug when you are also taking Corticosteroids or anti-coagulants.
  • Never use this drug when your gestation is ectopic.

Safety Points to keep in mind:

  • IUD’s that are present inside should be taken off before an abortion.
  • Your weakness is at a high level so drink juices and healthy diet. 
  • Chance of dizzy feeling is there so avoid tasks that are quite cumbersome.

Some common precipitating sick issues seen with this drug are as heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, belly pain, stomach cramps, muscle pain, and dizziness.

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