Making intimacy more exciting is the desire of every couple but some couples does get problems while performing during intimacy session. The intimacy makes the bond stronger between couples and if intimacy fails it brings stress to the relationship. When a male while performing intimacy session fails in getting erection his moral support and confidence goes down which makes him emotionally weak. When your partner got dissatisfied with intimacy sessions her mind fills up with a number of negative thoughts. No doubt the male tries harder in order to make their intimacy full of passion but erection dysfunction does not allow him to do so and this makes him weaker. This condition could be eliminated with the use of Cenforce medicine.

Cenforce medication is gathering much attention because of its effective results onto the erection failure condition. The male for whom holding an erection during their intimacy session is difficult, the Cenforce tablet is proved to be the boon as this allows them to hold it for longer and make the intimacy more lovable and excited. These tablets do not give the males complete freedom from erection problems but Cenforce gives the males sufficient duration to enjoy their intimacy.

Sildenafil Citrate upon consumption leads to the enhancement of the duration of the erect penile during intimacy session. This is done by blocking the functioning of PDE5 enzyme and inhibits the degradation of cGMP compound. This increases the amount of cGMP leading to the enhanced amount of blood to flow towards the genital section giving the stiffness to the erection and keep it harder for longer duration allowing the male to enjoy his intimacy. The blood flow is enhanced by the cGMP as it gives proper relaxation to the blood vessels of the penile section.

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Dosing scheme for Cenforce tablets

Cenforce tablets come in dosing strength of Cenforce 50 mg, Cenforce 100 mg, Cenforce 150 mg, and Cenforce 200 mg. One tablet to be consumed 60 minutes before intimacy is the prescribed dosing scheme for the Cenforce tablets. The medicine starts giving its action within 30 minutes of consumption and the same remains in the body for about 5 to 6 hours longer. The consumption could be done with food or without food except with heavy meals. Do not consume more than one tablet in complete 24 hours duration.

Preventive tips with Cenforce medicine:

  • The consumption of Cenforce tablet should not be done with alcoholic drinks or any beverages. 
  • This medicine should not be consumed before or after having heavy meals. 
  • The person should not be less than 18 years if he using these pills.
  • The person should not make use of Cenforce tablets if he is taking any nitrate-containing medicine. 
  • The person must not take these pills if he is allergic to any of the ingredient of the medicine.

Cenforce tablets come with several side issues including dizziness, drowsiness, headache, tiredness, vomiting, muscle cramps, mood swings, stomach discomfort, painful erection, numbness, loss of coordination, or swelling of hands or feet.

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