If you think only you are the victim of erection failure than you are thinking wrong. There are numerous males who have complained of their erection, though that is different than some come out and some hide their problems. Jordan is one among them who shared his erection failure phase of life and how he got to manage it to bring back his sensual pleasure in life. Though he was not of an elder age still he was trapped with erection failure at the age of 24. Initially, his erection stayed for few minutes and then with time the duration lessened. After sometimes this duration was converted into seconds and this made him stressed and he with no delay reached a doctor to get it treated. There he was medicated with Suhagra and doctor to tell him the reason and how this medicine would help.

Read below how erection failure happens and how it can be managed by Suhagra:

When a person is sensually active his body starts producing nitric oxide which is responsible for the accumulation of cGMP compound. This cGMP element helps in the relaxation of the arteries of the penile duct and helps in the easy blood flow towards the penile giving it the ability to hold it harder for longer. The PDE5 enzyme when start acting it may lead to the depletion of cGMP that further result in the break in the blood supply towards the penile duct. This is the reason for male failing in getting erection and Sildenafil Citrate act on this condition and helps the male for getting immense pleasure giving an erection.

Suhagra is the best-known brand product of this generic that is successful in the accomplishment of harder erection during sensual intimacy courses. This medicine is helpful for those males who have lost their ability to maintain their erection for longer when they share lovemaking moments with their partners. The males of every age group could make the use of this medicine.

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Suhagra tablets are efficient in with the dosing of 50 mg and 100 mg. The male acquiring this medicine should take the medicine about 60 minutes before performing in any sensual act. The consumption of the medicine is to be done via the oral route of administration with plenty of water. The drug started showing its effect on the penile within 30 minutes of intake and the person can enjoy his erection anytime within 5 to 6 hours of medicine intake. The intake can be done with respect to intake of food or without food.

Be aware of the protective tips with Suhagra:

  • The alcoholic drinks should be kept aside for the duration using Suhagra medicine.
  • No intake of nitrate drugs along with Suhagra medicine should be made.
  • Stop the medication immediately if you have any allergy to even a single element of the medicine. 
  • Avoid consumption of heavy meals before or after the mediation period.
  • The young ones under the age of 18 years do not fall in the group of using this medicine.

Noxious effects of Suhagra medication:

Suhagra medication may sometimes lead to the production of some kind of side effects in the males counted as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, headache, painful erection, muscle cramps, stomach discomfort, or sleepiness.

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