There is nothing weirder than looking fat when you are in a place where all of the people have a perfect shape body. Most of the people in the world are very much conscious about their health, as they do not want to look fat at all. However, this is very difficult for some people to maintain a good body shape after reducing the weight. Some people get bored after doing some days of vigorous exercise and at last, they give up. Therefore, there is not any control over their food intake especially junk food. Many people worldwide are suffering from a problem known as obesity. Obesity is a condition where a person is not very much efficient in doing daily work because of his/her heavy weight. Obesity may be the first sign for the prologue of various other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, gout, osteoarthritis, breathing problems, and asthma. Therefore, if you are also suffering from the same problem of obesity or heavy weight then you need to seek a medical treatment. The most trustable and efficacious medication that is used to treat obesity is Sibutril 15mg or generic Sibutramine.

Sibutril is a prominent medication that has a phenomenal application in the treatment of obesity. Sibutril is most commonly used for reducing overweight and it will work more efficiently when used along with moderate exercise and a low-calorie diet. It also helps in improving your health by reducing the risk of other diseases associated with obesity. The main active ingredient present in Sibutril is generic Sibutramine that is an excellent weight loss remedy for obese people.

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Active functioining of Sibutril:

Generic Sibutramine shows its action mechanism by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine in the CNS that helps in controlling the hunger. It has the ability to give a feeling of satiety after eating a smaller portion of food. It also helps in regulating the amount of food intake. As when you eat less, it will be easier for you to lose weight. In this way, Sibutramine, by decreasing food intake and giving a feeling of satiety, helps in reducing weight.

Commercially, Sibutril 15 mg is available in a capsule dosage form. A patient should take one capsule of Sibutril 15 mg orally with sufficient quantity of water. This depends on you that you are taking Sibutril 15 mg before having food or after having food. You should not take a double dose of Sibutril 15 mg at the same time as it may increase the adverse effects of Sibutril. The therapy with Sibutril 15 mg should be not more than 12 months.

 Some common side effects of Sibutril 15 mg include dry mouth, headache, nervousness, increased appetite, nausea, back pain, and flu syndrome.

Precautions while taking Sibutril:

If a patient notices any kind of allergic or hypersensitivity reactions to Sibutramine or any other ingredients present in Sibutril, then the patient should not take this medication. If a patient is suffering from coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, pulmonary hypertension, kidney or liver problem then the patient should avoid taking this medication. In case, you have an eating disorder, or you are taking Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Monoamine oxidase inhibitor or any other appetite suppressant drugs, then you should avoid taking this medication. Sibutril is not indicated to be used in those people who are older than 65 years.

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