It's been a quiet long time when you both get determined to make your progeny and started taking some precautions regarding all minute parameters that can affect your fertility either directly or indirectly.

Some preventive guidelines you followed, includes:

  • Loose down your weight
  • Stopped weight lifting exercise in gym & started yoga & meditation
  • Restricted your caffeine intake in any form coffee, chocolates, cakes, and confectionaries
  • Maintained a safer distance from junks and other packet foods, that takes a long time to digest
  • Controlled the booze and number of cigarettes you used to smoke in a day and still in process to quit the habit completely

Some good practices you followed, includes:

  • Increased intake of green leafy, healthy & nutritious foods
  • Commences the supplement intake that is rich in zinc, iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium & protein
  • You determined yourself to fall into intimacy frequently means twice or thrice a week with "No Protection wear"
  • Monitored your ovulation window (most fertile phase) by daily measuring the basal body temperature and employment of ovulation predictors in your regime
  • Ditched your contraceptive pills and any other preventive measures that restrict the mating of sperm and ovum in women such as condoms, vaginal pouches, spermicidal jellies etc

After doing all good things and following, a healthy daily routine, being away from the abuse of any kind,  it's only 4 months left to complete a year, from which you are trying hard to conceive a new life in your womb.  Repetitive failure forces you to mark a visit to OB/GYN and there you got the solution Corion 5000IU injection.

Corion 5000 iu Injection

The generic enclosed in brand Corion is HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which is immensely beneficial in treating the reproductive challenges associated with both males and females. Young boys when treated with Corion medication their issues of Cryptorchidism was completely cured and their testicles get descended into the scrotum normally.

Reproductive/Fertility challenges that a woman faces includes:

  • Anovulation,
  • Irregular/abstinence of menses
  • Poor egg health and small size
  • Lack of hormonal surges such as progesterone, LH, and FSH in women body
  • PCOS, blocked fallopian tubes and other medical complications

Reproductive/Fertility challenges that a man faces includes:

  • Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism
  • Lower level of male hormone testosterone
  • Poor health, low motility, lack of virility, distort shape of sperm and most crucial lack of sperm counts in semen ejaculation
  • Blockade in tubes that carries the sperms from the testes to ejaculated out in semen and other associated medical conditions

Dosing administration & regimen of Corion:

  • 5000-10,000IU dosing of Corion when injected to women via IM or Sc route followed by the last dose Menotropins, the issue of anovulation gets corrected in women.
  • Dosing of 500-1000 units of IM/Sc when given to men thrice/week for 3 weeks followed by the same dosing twice/week for 3 weeks the condition of Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism gets corrected.
  • Dosing of 5000IU of Corion when given on every other day to the young boy his issues of pubertal Cryptorchidism was cured completely.

Some allied adverse effects to Corion Injection includes a headache mild to moderate range, body fatigue, edema/swelling in feet, pain in the pelvic vicinity, gynecomastia in men, agitation and annoyance in the mood, and pain, redness & inflammation at injection site.

Remember few precautionary measures with Corion therapy like usage of the only sterile syringe to administer the dosing and never leaving the therapy in between. A pre-gynecological check to confirm the medical condition or finding out unknown pregnancy in women is crucial because the medicine Corion has a risk to the development of unwanted pregnancy. Do not recommend therapy to children<4 years of age.

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