When it comes to sexual satisfaction, there should not be any compromise. Erectile dysfunction is among the main issues, which have attacked an incredible number of men around the globe. Sadly, men experience more than women sexual disorders. This is because there are numerous probabilities that men's reproductive system as well as the organs to be impacted.

Exploring the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction:

The male genital organ contains two cylinder-shaped chambers called Corpora Cavernosum that runs along the entire length of the male reproductive organ. On sensual stimulation, either physically or mentally; our brain sends signal to the nerves in the genital area to cause the relaxation of the penile arteries. This increases the blood flow to the male genital organ making it longer and stiffer, thus achieving erection.

So to sustain this erection, good flow of blood is required through the male genital organ. Anything that interferes with the nerve impulse can limit the blood flow to the genitals. Thus, ultimately result in erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, today medications are available to help people with erectile dysfunction. Cenforce has seen a great deal of popularity all over the world. Carrying an FDA approved tag this drug serves to manage penile failures due to any reason. It helps every couple to lead towards their sexual life to enjoy it deprived of any worries of failures.

 Cenforce 100mg Tablets

Here is the elaborated mechanism of action, dosage, side effects and essential precautionary measures to be taken with Cenforce:

Cenforce contains the generic sildenafil citrate as its active compound. Sildenafil citrate is PDE type-5 enzyme inhibitors. The drug has its action initiation with the sexual arousal. It works by improving the flow of the blood inside the penile area. This component is known to clear off the blockages due to clog the arteries.   

Ideal Dosing Regimen:

Cenforce is available commercially in three dosing strengths – 50mg, 100mg, 150mg, and 200mg. The Cenforce dosage is single tablet, taken once in 24 hours via the oral route. Do not take more than one tablet with 24 hours. Take it nearly an hour before commencing planned make out session. Avoid Fat rich diet with Cenforce.

Possible Signs of Side effects:

This medication causes headaches, dizziness, facial flushing, a runny nose, and indigestion, differing individual to individual.

However, these are just transient. In most cases, either men do not experience any side effects or they don’t mind them. To decrease the risk of potential side effects, you can initiate with low doses initially.

Note underlined precautionary measures to be taken with Cenforce -

  • Driving after taking this pill might not be safe, as it can cause dizziness.
  • Cenforce causes dizziness; do not get involved in activity that requires mental attention of physical work.
  • Avoid fat rich foods with Cenforce.
  • The heart disease patients should also, consult their doctors once.

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