Pregnancy word is as dreadful as it is delightful. When you are prepared for it, then nothing more is cherished for you, but what, when you encounter with an accidental pregnancy? Then this fruitful word called "pregnancy" becomes a dreadful one. This time you think the one and only option called abortion or pregnancy termination. Well! This is also not easy for any woman because abortion is like detaching any part from you, but what should be done? You cannot up bring a child without your desire else, it will ruin not your life but the child also. Hence, opting abortion for that time is the safest and the only preferred option. Even abortion is also done with the surgical manner and non-surgical too and it is obvious that women should go for the non-surgical one, as it is the safe, secure and private mode of abortion.

One of the best and widely used choices among non-surgical way is the use of MTP kit for terminating the unwanted pregnancy with the medical method without the use of surgical instruments and painful injections.

MTP Kit is an eminent formulation for executing a safe, protected and private abortion of an early gestation fewer than 9weeks or 63days time.  MTP kit is a pack of 5pills in total encompassing one pill of Mifepristone of 200mg strength and four pills of Misoprostol, each of 200mcg strength. Thus, when taken in an appropriate manner, then MTP kit is a successful remedy for the safe and secure termination of unwanted pregnancy.

Working of MTP Kit-

Mifepristone moiety is a progesterone antagonist, which acts against progesterone hormone and block its activity. Since progesterone is a vital hormone for pregnancy and when it is blocked then pregnancy will not survive leading to the detachment of embryo from the endometrium along with its shedding. This ends the gestation. Misoprostol, when consumed, then it will cause the strong contraction of the uterus and dilate the cervix so that the abortion contents will expel out in an easy way.

 MTP KIT (Mifepristone + Misoprostol) Online

The dosing regimen of MTP kit-

Firstly, you have to swallow the 1pill of Mifepristone with water and without the meal. Then after two days of it, you have to intake 4pills of Misoprostol in a single administration. There are two ways to take Misoprostol pills, one is oral as buccally or sublingually, and second is the vaginal insertion of tablets. Then, after two weeks time, you should go for medical examination for the verification of completion of abortion.

Adverse effects that you may notice while undergoing an abortion by taking MTP kit include dizziness, nausea, headache, mood swings, blurred vision, back pain, strong abdominal cramps, and heavy vaginal bleeding depending on the gestation duration. Therefore, you should take proper rest, have healthy, nutritious diet and avoid laborious tasks so that you can recover fast.

Preventive measures that you should follow while taking MTP kit are-

  • Do not use MTP kit if you have placed an IUD (Intrauterine device). Thus, remove it prior to the use of MTP kit.
  • MTP Kit is not for the females of less than 18years of age.
  • Make sure not to take alcoholic beverages while undergoing abortion with MTP kit.
  • Avoid any sexual act until you stop the bleeding else, it can be the reason for infections and may be for pregnancy soon again.
  • Do not use MTP kit to terminate an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Using MTP kit under medical conditions is risky, so take care of your health prior to the use of MTP kit pills.

Hence, make your life easier and trouble-free by using MTP Kit. Buy MTP Kit online with fast shipping at affordable rates from our reliable drugstore.