For the first of the time you are going to have intimacy with your soul mate, for sure this is not your first time on bed as you have great experience with girlfriends and hanky panky with girls. You were always used to be good on bed and always had tougher erection. But now as you are going to have it with your wife you want to make it interesting and happening as this is not going to be time pass as intimacy is going to play major role in happening relationship. Hence, if you are not sure about your erection this time and afraid that what if anything get wrong or erection does not last longer and many more question, then take Cenforce before landing into the battle of Intimacy.

Cenforce the erection medication designed for the recovery of softer erection while performing intimacy with a partner in the bedroom. The drug has the ability to make the erection harder once again by permitting the blood supply in penile the main thing for the harder erection. Cenforce is used to treat erectile dysfunction. The drug is clinically tested and FDA permitted for the recovery of erectile dysfunction. It has Sildenafil as a main active component, which is known best anti-impotence drug and make the men capable again for performing intimacy with women.

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Sildenafil being PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor is trusted to prevent the degradation of cGMP substance inside the men body happening as of PDE-5 enzyme. Thus, Sildenafil hampers the movement of the PDE-5 enzyme so that the degradation of cGMP should be prevented. The sexual arousal causes releases of nitric oxide required for the cGMP production. The sufficient cGMP leads to blood vessels relax and allows the blood to get inside penile and make it out harder while intimacy.
Cenforce is easy to get under the oral tablets of 50,100,150 and 200mg. The men have to take only one dose of suggested strength orally with water, in the night. The drug should be taken 60 minutes former to the intimacy as it takes 30 minutes to generate its action and make the penile tougher. The drug effectual action stays inside the men body for the period of 5 hours, hence take once in 24 hours.

However, the use of Cenforce might cause some adverse effects like as of muscle pain, chest pain, and headache, stomach upset, ringing sound in the ear, nasal decongestion, dizziness, drowsiness, and blurry vision. Henceforth, the ingestion of alcohol, smoking, grapefruit juices is strictly prohibited. It is requested to avoid the consumption of fatty food, as it may inhibit drug absorption. If taking Nitrate medication previously then better to avoid the use of Cenforce as the mixture has hypotension effect. The doings like car driving and handling of the instrument are prohibited as drug lead to dizziness. If you anguish from the trouble of liver, kidney, heart and blood pressure and sensitivity with Sildenafil then avoid the use of Cenforce.

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