Our body is buildup of muscles that are connected to each other and help in movement of the body. You can jump, run, walk, sit, stand, and swim, all because of your muscles. Even our organs are made-up of muscles like heart, lungs, brain. Now think if those muscles are affected how will we be able to function accordingly. If any muscles of the body get affected such as if leg muscles then you could not be able to run. The muscle pain will make you unable to perform. If your arm muscles get affected, you could not be able to perform functions of hand. Some reasons for muscle pain are a heavy workout, sudden twisting of the leg, foot, back, and arm stretching. In addition, the pain that arises after that is so severe that it feels like sharp stabbing. One cannot perform his or her work and some people also become bedridden. To avoid such situation due to muscle pain, start using Pain-O-Soma. This medicine halts your pain within few minutes of time. You will be relieved from your severe painful condition. Remember to follow exact dosage pattern.

Pain-O-Soma a brand has effective component as Carisoprodol. This medicine ceases the pain signals from getting transferred from affected nerves towards the brain. In this way, it induces muscle relaxation and relieves your muscle pain. Moreover, this medication is effective when you follow it with rest and physical therapy. This form of drug relaxes muscles and alleviates you from muscle spasm.

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Basic functioning with which it reduces pain

Carisoprodol induces sedation and acts as a muscle relaxant. It breaks off the neuronal connection in between the reticular formation and spinal cord. This brings about sedation and changes pain severity.

Effective Dosing Scheme

The advised dosing is about 250 mg to 350 mg, threefold within a day but only at nighttime before going to bed. One can also consume 500 mg tablet, twofold within a day at nighttime before slumber.

Important points:

  • Consumption is to be done only through an oral route with water.
  • The maximal dose is to be taken as 1400 mg per day.
  • The maximum dosing can be taken for up to two to three weeks.

There are some contraindications that has to be followed at the time of using Pain-o-soma-

  • A person should NOT take it when he is allergic to its contents.
  • A person should NOT take it when he is having porphyria.
  • A person should NOT take it when he is under 16 years.

It is advised to follow some precautions after and before using this drug

  • Before you use in lactating mothers or pregnancy, ask your doctor.
  • Do never misuse this medicine or share it with anyone who has a drug addiction.
  • Brief out your doctor if having any hepatic disorder, renal disorder, and history of seizure
  • Stop boozing, as this will be dangerous for you.
  • Keep yourself away from driving and any operation of machines, as there is the probability of dizziness.

Common occurring after effects that happen with this medicine are as a headache, dizziness, and drowsiness. Do not use if you observe high serotonin levels and seizures.

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