Getting disturbances during a lovemaking session is only developed due to erection failure or weak erection problem. Usually, erection issues occur due to poor or insufficient blood supply towards private parts of men. In medical terms, any sort of difficulty in attaining and preserving an appropriate penile erection is considered as erectile dysfunction. ED actually spoils healthy and happy love life of couples because of dissatisfaction and unhappiness of intimacy activity. ED not only influences the personal relationship of couples, but it also becomes a main reason of separation, divorce and breakup.

So, it is very important to manage erection at time with effective treatment before it destroys your healthy and happy sensual life. While choosing best and effective medication for ED treatment, men confused about the safety and effectiveness of medicines. Selection of most effective medication for managing erection hurdles is actually a big task for any man. I recommend you to take Caverta 100mg for the management of erection problem. Due to perfect and effective quality of Caverta, it gains lots of appreciation and positive reviews from customers.

Caverta For Impotence Problem

Have the dose of Caverta in prescribed quantity-

You should take a single tablet of Caverta 100mg through oral route before 50 to 60 minutes of sexual intercourse. Take a single Caverta tablet within 24 hours and no need to exceed the dose of Caverta for maximum pleasure, it may cause harmful complications.

Caverta supports in getting and preserving harder and sturdy erection throughout sexual intercourse and offer enormous satisfaction and pleasure during a mating session. Generic Sildenafil citrate is a main functional component found in Caverta that categorized under the group of medicines known as PDE type-5 inhibitor. Sildenafil works by inhibiting the functions of PDE type-5 enzyme and prevent the degradation of c-GMP chemical by relaxing the smooth muscles of corpus cavernosum of male genitalia consequently; it improves blood supply and induces harder and stiffer erection.

Usage of Caverta is strictly contraindicated under certain medical conditions such as allergy towards generic Sildenafil citrate, renal or hepatic syndrome, bleeding disorder, coronary artery disease, blood pressure issues, retinitis pigmentosa, stomach ulcer, and peyronie's disease.

While administering Caverta medication, you may observe various negative effects like shortness of breath, abnormal vision, dizziness, back pain, irregular heartbeat, nose congestion, and severe headache.

What are the precautions you should follow while taking Caverta?

  • Cardiac patients should not use Caverta without doctor’s guidance.
  • Stop consuming fatty food as it may lower the rate of bioavailability.
  • Do not take alcoholic beverages and smoking at the time of taking Caverta.
  •  Grapefruit juices, grapefruits are strictly not advised when you are consuming Caverta as it may delay the rate of absorption of Sildenafil.
  • Children under the age of 18 years should not take Caverta.

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