It is a story of Ella a wife of a man suffering from the erectile dysfunction. Ella was a 38 years old woman who had married to his husband of 41 years old, from the past 19 years. They had two children. Her husband was in management and commenced overworking for around 12-15 hours per day. He was just exhausted from his overworked. Earlier he did smoke or drink occasionally, but then he started smoking or drinking on daily basis. He used to came at dinner time, then ignored her in bed at night, if by chance they were get indulged in a sensual act which was only initiated by her, he failed to have a hard erection most of the time than he used to be. She thought he was losing his arousal or did not find her more pleasing as before. She became so frustrated with his nature and started complaining to him for not pleasing her as he used to for the past 19 years. Now her past pleasurable sensual life that was just because of him had left to be just memorized. It just became his daily schedule to come from the office, had dinner and went to bed and had sleep and he even started less talking and keeping a pillow at night in between them. As a mother, she had to pretend for her children that she was happy and inside she was deeply suffering. She had tried almost everything in bed that a husband could possibly desires from his Lovelady in a hope that he would rejoin but she failed. She wanted to discuss him about it but she feared, as she did not want to make him feel manliness.

Somehow, one day after putting many efforts she asked her husband to come with her for a doctor consultation. He agreed and they both visited the doctor who advised him to consume Cenforce 100mg to regain his hard satisfactory penile erection. After consuming Cenforce, he got able to perform in bed satisfactorily to please Ella. She regained her gratifying sensual life with her husband with the aid of Cenforce.

Brief understanding of the Cenforce:

Cenforce is the most admired medication used for the management of erectile failure in men. It is a well-known brand name of generic Sildenafil Citrate, which helps in boosting the blood supply to the male genital organ making the accomplishment of firm penile erection while intimacy. It has successfully helped a large ration of men across the world to get revive their lost sensual life.

Cenforce 100mg Tablets | Generic Sildenafil Citrate

Dosing Schedule of Cenforce:

For the treatment of erectile failure, a man consuming Cenforce has to follow this dosing schedule. Cenforce is generally accessible in the oral tablet dosage form in the most regular doses of 50mg, 100, 150 and 200mg. A sensually aroused man has to consume a prescribed measure of Cenforce orally with an enormous amount of water irrespective of food apart from a high-calorie meal. It should be taken 60 minutes ago of planned intimacy act, and you will start experiencing its effectual effect in 20-25 minutes after its intake which stay for a long period of 5 hours. Due to its long duration of action, you need not consume more than one pill in a time gap of 24 hours. For the efficacious effect of the drug, you need to b sensually aroused along with Cenforce else only consuming drug will not produce any accountable action.

However, you may experience some annoying effects of Cenforce that includes of flushing, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, stuffy nose, muscle or a back pain. Therefore, in order to combat these side effects, you have to follow some defensive measures while consuming Cenforce, like as of you should avoid alcohol intake as it may aggravate the pernicious effects of Cenforce. You should not do any activity that needs you to be alert or requires a quick response such as driving or tool operating. Make a safer distance from the consumption of grapefruits or a high-calorie meal. If you are using any other nitrate preparation, then it is strictly advisable to avoid Cenforce.

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