In today era, every 90% of the men are suffering from the problem of impotency. Erectile dysfunction and penile failure come under impotence, a condition in which men would not be able to attain a hard erection and failed to satisfy his mate during intimacy.

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder, which cannot be treated completely, but it can be cured or prevented with the use of various ED medications available in the market. However, Caverta 50mg is most admirable medication for the cure of erectile failure or penile failure. I am sharing my friend personal experience with Caverta to cure erectile dysfunction.

My friend was a young person and he came across erectile dysfunction at the age of 22 years. He had just started his career as Team lead in IT company. His job was too hectic and being a team lead, he had many responsibilities on his shoulders. To remove his stress he used to do smoking 4 to 5 times in a day and intake of alcohol once in a day. Due to his smoking and drinking habit, he came across erectile dysfunction disorder and did not know that he is suffering from impotence. He came to know about this during intimacy session with his girlfriend. At the time of intimacy with a girlfriend, he realized that he is not getting a harder erection and failed to please his mate during intimacy. He feels ashamed at that point, and next day he visits the doctor for a checkup. After examination doctor holds him about erectile failure that happens due to poor blood flow into the penile and also told him that stress, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking are the major issue behind impotency. Doctor starts his treatment with Caverta that needs to taken orally before intimacy. This wow medication really works him to come over his impotency issue.

Caverta 100mg tablets encloses of Sildenafil citrate (a PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor) as the main working element. Being a PDE enzyme inhibitor, it helps to increase the flow of blood by obstructing the activity of PDE-5 that is accountable for the poor formation of cGMP into the male organ, which is an essential factor for blood flow. Increased amount of cGMP formation into the penile lead to enhance blood amount at the time of intimacy. It also relaxing muscles of blood vessels that increase the blood flow during intimacy and helps the man to hold on hard erection.

Caverta 100mg Tablets

Commercially, Caverta is accessible into the dose strength of 50 and 100 mg. The prescribed dose strength depends upon man medical condition and response towards treatment. During sexually aroused condition man have to administer one dose of Caverta one hour earlier to engaged into intimacy, orally with an enormous amount of water. The drug starts showing his action within 30 minutes and stay up to 4 to 5 hour longer time. You can ingest the drug with or without food.

A man should keep in mind that use of Caverta is unsafe under the medical condition of allergic reaction, liver, kidney and heart disorder. Men should have to prohibit the use of Caverta if they are taking nitrate derivative. A man should have to avoid the intake of alcohol, grapefruit juices, and high fatty food while taking Caverta. Take caution while driving.

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