Teenage pregnancy is also referred to as an unexpected pregnancy during adolescence. About 750,000 of 16 to 20 years old girl become pregnant every year and many teenagers did not believe that they get pregnant just after a single intimate session. At this age, teenagers often feel tensed to make friends and fit in the group of their peers. Most of the times, it happens that these teen let their friends influence their decisions. They get involved in the loved making without completely understanding the consequences of this act. These teens get involved in a sensual activity for proving themselves cool or sophisticated but mostly it results in the unplanned pregnancy. These teens feel so much of pressure to make the sensual activity even at the point when they are not ready to make it. They get pregnant because they have very limited guidance from their peer members.

If you talk about the parents they did not know that their teen is pregnant and they are very much busy in their own life. They did not provide any support to their daughter or not educate them about sensual intimacy or something related to getting intimate. As a result, the teen doesn’t want their parents to know about it and everything ended up with abortion. The most selected way used for making the abortion is MTP kit which can end up the pregnancy within 9 weeks.

MTP kit contains two FDA approved drugs namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Scientifically it is an easies non-surgical way of making abortion which saves a woman from vaginal infection happen due to surgical tools and another surgical injury. This is the safest abortion way which is highly affordable for any woman. It has high success rates of 95% which can be performed without going to the hospital for an abortion procedure.

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For using MTP Kit, it is important to take one Mifepristone tablet 200mg orally on empty stomach with a vast amount of water. After the passing of 2 days, there is a need to take 4 Misoprostol 200mcg pills by the vaginal or oral way. Then she needs to take complete rest and after 14 days of taking Mifepristone, she needs to go for the ultrasound process which will make sure that she is no more pregnant now.

Before you take MTP Kit, you need to know about the mechanism of MTP Kit as Mifepristone has a role in inhibiting the progesterone hormone which cuts the supply of nutrients to the fetus causing a fetal death. Misoprostol has same working nature as prostaglandin so it causes uterine contractions in the body for easily throwing out the uterine contents from the womb.

There are some of the unwanted negative effects of using MTP Kits such as vomiting, weakness, heavy vaginal bleeding, headache, abdominal pain, spasms, unusual tiredness, uterine cramping, biliousness, faintness, and diarrhea. Please take some cautionary measures such as: Stay away from driving, gym, and weightlifting activities otherwise it may cause serious vaginal outflow. Firstly take out your IUD Device then administer MTP kit.

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