Years of 20s brings the feelings of mannishness in men. It is completely unnatural to talk of erectile dysfunction in that age. This erection trouble is supposed for men above 60 or from the age groups of the 30s and 40s. During this age, boys are full of energy and sparkle where they have tension free mind. At that time if they complain of weak erections then it is really an embarrassment. Normally some boys face occasional occurrences of the problem but if it happens regularly then it is erectile dysfunction.

Talking about the causes, then both physical and psychological reasons were responsible for contributing to this problem. Improper blood circulation in the penile part due to diabetes or high blood pressure is the main reason for this problem. Psychological problems are especially fear related. Take an example; fear of leaking of the erectile issue, the anxiety of parent's response, or there may be a fear of newly formed girlfriend. Physical problems involve diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis or pregnancy issues. Whatever the cause is, this issue makes a man feel guilty so he mostly tries to avoid telling to someone.

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Boys who did not get too much attention from their parents or guardians become victims of drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Excessive use of these products takes their ability to make love. Again some men feel that they have small mannish part or lack of self-confidence during intercourse leading to erection failure before making it successfully.

Well whatever the cause is, you need to take Cenforce medication for it. This medication works wonders in managing the erectile trouble and provides a stiffer erection for longer duration. After taking this medication you did not feel worried because your erection remains rigid enough. Therefore your whole attention remains on making love to your mate which strengthens your lovemaking. Cenforce contains an FDA approved drug “Sildenafil Citrate” which has been modified and converted to this branded drug. In short, it makes you young again, so you can fulfill your every desire related to the sensuality so you can complete your every demand whatever you wanted for with your mate.

The main aim of Sildenafil is to stop the action of the PDE5 enzyme so that there is no more breakdown of cGMP in the body. During the love awakening state, the body starts discharging nitrate oxide in the body that further relax the arteries in the penis and allows penile muscles to fully fill with excessive blood resulting in hard erection for longer duration.

Well, the doses of Cenforce may vary from person to person; however, it is recommendable to take the lowest dose first. If you did not find it effective then only enhance the dose to higher ones. The available dosing is 100mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg, in which you are advised to take one dose oral route with an enormous amount of water about an hour before getting romantic with your wife. Then keep enjoying for the next 4 to 5 hours, however for next day intimacy take one more dose on the next day.

Taking Cenforce may possibly responsible for causing some of the side effects in the body such as headaches, reddishness on the body parts, distress stomach, frustration, blurred vision, and lightheadedness. It is recommended to take some of the cautionary measures such as: If you are sensitive to any of its ingredient then don’t take it. Don’t double up the dose just for the sake of benefits otherwise, it will cause priapism.

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