Finding a loving partner in life is a blessing. This is because partner makes you happy, takes away all your stress, grieves, anxiety and will direct you to the path that brings happiness in life. But all women are not blessed with such a good partner but some have to deal with the ugly face of life called prejudice, molestation or rape. This ugly fact of life is not only difficult to deal but almost takes away the women prestige, self-confidence and stability leaving her almost half-dead in thoughts and inner body consciousness.

Problems exist with every other individual but victory comes to those who fight with adversaries and find their way to win over their shortcomings. For a woman, there is none big issue than unwanted, mistimed or accidental pregnancy as this not only affects her body but impacts her overall well-being, her career, her priorities, her independence, make her deprived of finances but also impacts the other major well-beings associated to women.

Abortion is that window to women happiness that makes her win over the pregnancy which is completely unwanted, mistimed and shockingly unacceptable for her. Taking MTP Kit before the passage of 9 weeks of gestation will ease you the way out of your unwanted conception in a complete privy and secure manner. Abortion Kit is the set of two abortion pills - Mifepristone 200mg and Misoprostol 200mcg. The past about this method is that you don’t need high finances support or signing of any important documentation also you stay far apart from the daunting procedure of surgical knives and blades. You may consume pills of MTP kit to securely bleed out unwanted pregnancy, by self and in complete privacy.

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The primary approaches followed by medications to drain away untimed pregnancy are explained below:

Mifepristone: Is the medicine accountable for blocking the progesterone function means the medicine acts as an oxygen and nutrient controlling unit, absence of both will make the endometrial lining shed off henceforth pregnancy as well.

Misoprostol: Is medicine that induces a strong contraction inside women uterus and softens dilates the opening of the cervix for easy evacuation of the unwanted pregnancy from the uterus in form of vaginal bleeding along with strong abdominal cramping.

The regime to follow with MTP Kit is:

  • Day 1: Take Mifepristone (200mg pill) orally with water on an empty stomach with an excessive amount of water. 
  • Day 3: After 2 days a woman should put all 4 Misoprostol pills each of 200mcg deep inside your vaginal cavity and there begins the contraction inside uterus which will initiate the bleeding from the vagina. 
  • Day 14: Visit the clinic of a physician for an ultrasound and confirm that no traces of fetal debris are present in the women uterus.

Some side-effects of taking MTP medications are feeling of depression, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, strong cramps, excessive bleeding, and vaginal itching. Some precautionary measures women need to follow when gulping the MTP medications is to avoid the intake of alcohol, grapefruit juice, coffee and cheesy foods in excess. Don’t get intimate else you may catch the vaginal infection.

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